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Jan 31, 2022 · Example 10: how to play audio in javascript. The issue is only happening on firefox! In general, there are 3 main steps: reading the file and information about it, turning the audio/mpeg into response, file loading. Demo/Code. The JavaScript audio player is coded by Khalil using HTML, CSS, and HTML. SoundPlayer.js class.. 26 Html Audio Player Code For Website If you have a music related website and want to improve the design or add more functions capabilities for your music player to attract as well as increase the user experience, this article will help you to solve the above problem. Apr 12, 2019 · Code snippet 6: Add this JavaScript between the <script> tags in code snippet 4 so that an audio file, “Correct Answer.mp3”, will play There’s a lot here and the syntax gets a bit tricky. If you test it and the chime sound does not play when you click the correct answer, after checking your computer speaker volume, carefully check the code..
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